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 Name : ET-6078C Transmission Filling system

ET-6078C  Transmission Filling system
  • Capacity: 7.5L
  • Outlet: 80cc/ cycle
  • Viscosity Range: up to SAE 140
Attachment Specification:
Parts No. picture application
ATF-101   1/8 NPT, Ford
ATF-102   Universal
BMW, Honda, Nisan, etc
ATF-103   VW/Audi
ATF-104   VW/Audi, Porsche
ATF-105   M10 x 1.0, VW/Audi, Mini cooper
ATF-106   M24 x 1.5, VW/Audi DSG
ATF-107   M22 x 1.5, VW/Audi CVT
ATF-108   M12 x 1.5, Mercedes
  Step 1:
  • Select the correct attachment.
  • Open the valve and push the oil way control bolt to right side, and then push the handle to transmit oil.
  Step 2:
When handle is hard to push and ATF of vehicle is almost full.
  • Push the oil way control bolt to left side and make smoothly transmission oil.
  Step 3:
When transmission oil almost finished.
  • Close the valve
  Step 4:
When finished transmission oil, stop to push the handle.
  • Take out the attachment from ATF and put the hose higher than tank. And then open the valve, let residue oil in the house reflux into the tank.
Note: 1. Do not used with volatility product (e.g. petro, diesel oil …etc).
2. Keep away from fire.
3. Please prevent polluting the ATF oil and keep work environment clean.