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 Name : ET-4446K 10pc Professional Brake Tool Set
ET-4446K  10pc Professional Brake Tool Set
  • Contains the most popular brake tools used for servicing drum brakes on many import and domestic vehicles.
  • Includes three different style brake spoons for adjusting drum brakes, five different brake spring tools for servicing drum brake shoes.
  • The brake shoe spreader pliers allows user to replace the brake wheel cylinder easily without removing return spring, brake shoe and other parts without damaging the brake disc or brake shoe..
  • Contains:
  1. Brake shoe spreader pliers
  2. Brake spring pliers
  3. Brake spring removal tool (fits 5/8” dia. Spring)
  4. Brake return spring removal tool
  5. Brake spring removal tool (fits many import vehicles)
  6. Brake spring removal tool (fits 3/4” and 13/16” dia. Springs)
  7. Mini brake adjusting spoon
  1. Brake adjusting spoon
  2. Brake adjusting spoon
  3. Brake piston clamps