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 Name : ET-4292 Brake Shoe Spreader Pliers
ET-4292  Brake Shoe Spreader Pliers
  • Times saving tool significantly reduces the time it takes to remove and install brake wheel cylinders and/or rubber boot
  • Allows user to replace the brake wheel cylinder easily without removing return spring, brake shoe and other parts without damaging the brake disc or brake shoe
  • Special design allows for removal of brake cylinder smoothly and quickly
  • Easily spread and return the brake shoe and lining
  • Pliers expanding range is from 60mm to 135mm
  • Width of the pliers can be adjusted
  • Precision clamp on end of flexible cable allows for extended reach
  • Pliers can be locked, freeing up your hands and making your job easier and faster
  • Rubber dipped handle for comfort
  • Pliers designed for use with most passenger vehicles
  • US PATENT #6,370,985 B1
STEP1 : Remove tire to expose brake assembly.
STEP2 : Insert clamp at the end of flexible wire of pliers onto the brake lining near area where brake lining holds brake cylinder.
STEP3 : Once pliers have been properly positioned onto brake lining squeeze handle to spread brake lining to allow access to the brake wheel cylinder, At this point boot and cylinder can be checked and/or repaired. Once repair is complete release tension on pliers slowly to return brake lining to it original position.